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New Fulbright & Hawkes Novelette Published by DarkFuse Magazine


A new 10,000-word Fulbright & Hawkes novelette, “Lover When You Need Me, Wither When You’re Gone,” appeared this month in DarkFuse Magazine. The story is available to VIP subscribers online and in Kindle format through this link. You must be signed in to access the content.

DarkFuse is a high quality publisher of novels, novellas, anthologies, and collectible books, including the limited hardcover edition of Elderwood Manor by Fulbright & Hawkes. They also produce purely digital content, including DarkFuse Magazine, ebooks and short films. Click here for subscription information.

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New Novella SHAMIAN GATE Now Available in Print and eBook


A new Fulbright & Hawkes novella, SHAMIAN GATE, is now available through Amazon in ebook and trade paperback formats.

About the book: “For centuries Shamian Gate has waited. Legends say that a scroll of powerful magic was hidden beyond the gate in order to protect the world from the disaster that would occur should this power fall into the wrong hands. Only one key can unlock Shamian Gate. Throughout the ages, an order of monks has searched China for this key so the gate could be unlocked, and the secrets of the scroll revealed.

“Traveling to the Anhui Province, Jeff and Ashley Russell know nothing about this key or the gate, but the two Americans find themselves thrust into the midst of an ancient mystery when they adopt a Chinese orphan...

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