Horror Writing Class at DFW Writers’ Conference 2013


Angeline has been invited to teach a class on writing horror May 4-5 at this year’s DFW Writers’ Conference.  She’ll be exploring the world of genre fiction with her class, GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN: WRITING HORROR. Here’s the manifest:

Horror masquerades in the form of many other genres. Publishers market it under a variety of labels in order to entice readers reluctant to embrace the horrific. The genre slapped onto the spine of a book might read Suspense, Thriller, or the all- encompassing, somewhat vague, “Fiction”; but no matter how the work is dressed up, beneath those marketing ploys, it still remains Horror. How is horror defined? What is the motivation for writing and reading a genre that oozes pervading fear, creeps shivers over your flesh, and forces you to double-check your locked doors? How has the small/independent press kept horror alive in a market of sub-genres looking to take a softer approach at the cycle of good and evil, life and death? Angeline Hawkes’s class, GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN: WRITING HORROR will explore the roots of Horror, the need to write it, and what to do with that manuscript once its been bloodily birthed from your mind and keyboard.

You can find more information about the class by clicking here.  For more information about the conference, please visit dfwcon.org.

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