OUT OF THE GARDEN and Other Tales of the Barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar


Through brutal landscapes and savage places, the barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar travels an ancient land full of witchery, forces of darkness and foul creatures. What makes a man? Is it wealth, customs and lineage; or is it the weapon in his hand and the courage in his heart? Cold steel meets hot flesh as Kabar fights, conquers and loves his way through primitive and ruthless civilizations ruled by evil kings, malevolent sorcerers and blood-splattered curses. Beasts and monstrosities match wits and swords in this action-packed, gore-drenched, loins-pumping collection of tales of the barbarian from El Hazzar.

Now available in trade paperback from Bad Moon Books. Also available for Kindle!


“In Out of the Garden, Angeline Hawkes delivers tales of swords and sorcery as solid as steel and as sensuous as silk slipping off a slender shoulder. Kabar’s world is wild and often frightening; his author’s imagination doesn’t make his life easy. It does, however, make for a great read.”–Jeff Mariotte, author of the Age of Conan: Marauders trilogy and City Under the Sand: A Dark Sun novel

“By turns eerie, lyrical, adventurous, and philosophical, the stories in Angeline Hawkes’s new collection Out of the Garden are top-notch heroic fantasy, and her protagonist, the barbarian Kabar of El Hazzar, is a compelling character. The title novella from this book is a stunning blend of action, fantasy, and theology. I hope Kabar continues his perilous wanderings for a long time!”
—James Reasoner, author of Redemption, Kansas

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