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Guest Panelist and Signing at ConDFW This Weekend


Angeline will be a guest panelist and signing books at ConDFW this Saturday, February 22. Please come visit and say hello if you’re in the area.  The website for the convention can be found at


Saturday, 12pm: Predicting the Near Future
The James Bond wrist-watch phone is here, the Star Trek tablet is here, and many trends in technology happen faster than we can adapt to them. Therefore it is quite a daunting task to write science fiction in world which IS science fiction today. What is in our future? Given a 25-year timeline, our panelists outline what they think the near future will be like.

Saturday, 1pm: Size Matters! Monsters in Fiction
From “Pacific Rim” to Godzilla, monster movies have made a co...

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Horror Writing Class at DFW Writers’ Conference 2013


Angeline has been invited to teach a class on writing horror May 4-5 at this year’s DFW Writers’ Conference.  She’ll be exploring the world of genre fiction with her class, GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN: WRITING HORROR. Here’s the manifest:

Horror masquerades in the form of many other genres. Publishers market it under a variety of labels in order to entice readers reluctant to embrace the horrific. The genre slapped onto the spine of a book might read Suspense, Thriller, or the all- encompassing, somewhat vague, “Fiction”; but no matter how the work is dressed up, beneath those marketing ploys, it still remains Horror...

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